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Arne Castle v1.1
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Arne Castle v1.1

Welcome to Arne castle. This map is maintained for a long time goal. Finally I was able, and play on this card makes a lot of joy.
No error and attention to detail is very important to me.
In short, on the map you will find 18 medium boxes and 3 meadows. You are not large or hilly.
There is also a BGA, our farm, country store, launch vehicles, all animals, and many more ...
The card is already after the first change. Therefore V1.1 works very well on the low poly PC's.
Card is required modification: MapDoorTrigger
The buildings on the map are not mine. Thanks for the Creator.
There are some cards in a similar manner, so that the card seem to be familiar circumstances., But I assure you that I own.
Have fun with the map wunscht Battle414 Map Team.

Download link does not change!

Battle414 (ich)

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