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Ash Moor Farm
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Ash Moor Farm

Welcome to Ash Moor Farm.

This is a small map that is an edit of Hagenstedt, with almost everything changed, it is about 1/5th the size.
It has a slight British hint to it with cars driving on the left, hedges around field borders and British styled sheds.
It has field sizes ranging from 0.27 acres or 0.11 hectares up to 11.02 acres or 4.46 hectares.
The map has 15 fields ranging from very small to quite big. It has 15.05 hectares in total or 37.19 acres.
The map was made with small equipment in mind but larger machinery is recommended to harvest / Cut the biggest fields. Wide roads and lanes make this easy.
The map has 3 sale points for crops, brewery / inn, port, farm shop.
Fertilizers, lime and seed can be bought from the farm shop to make it more realistic. Also triggers for seed and fertilizer at farm.
Bales , wool and eggs to be sold at farm shop also.

To get the weed mod to work you must first have the weed mod zip folder in your mods folder found at the link below, weeds will then show up after you first cultivate a piece of ground. Then just follow the instructions found on either the download site or search for ( weed mod ) on fs-uk for hints and tips.

I hope you enjoy using my map, thanks.


10 Arable fields, 5 Grass Fields
Fully Working cow, sheep and chicken zones.
Working traffic , milktruck and pedestrians.
Indoor silage pit
Buyable Fields
Water mod
Lime & Kalk mod with added manure mod
Weed Mod
Multi terrain detail mod
Zunhammer mod compatible
Custom help icons
Custom mowing missions

Advised Mods - Not necessary to have but adds to gameplay if used.

Weed Mod

Lime and Kalk Mod

Zunhammer Manure Mod

Ash Moor Farm - ali9000
Map and Objects - Giants
Hedges - Dennis Busch, Spider100, Sandgroper
Grass Texture - Dahemac
Sheds and Gates - NI Modding
Grain Shed - Neurotek
Custom Help Icons - FSM Webby / FSM Chefkoch
Water Mod - Marhu
Lime & Kalk Mod - Marhu
Weed Mod - Upsidedown
Multi Terrain Detail Mod - Petorious
Zunhammer Docking Station - Fruktor

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