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Audi Q7 KdoW Pack v2.0
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Audi Q7 KdoW Pack v2.0

So the V2 of the Audi Q7 KdoW is now ready

-Audi Q7 KdoW with DBS 4000
-Audi Q7 KdoW with DBS 3000
What was done in the V2?
-He scored a infit
-The driving behavior were adjusted
-Chrometeile Were verchromet and he now has a gloss varnish
-Frontblitzer Were replaced by suitable
-2 Different car (Audi Q7 and Audi Q7 with DBS4000 DBS3000)
-Hänsch BE620 BE620 use some with original horns were installed

Cost: 65000 €
Functions Bel 3.1, passenger, horn and flashing lights

POS 1: blue light
H: E-compressed air
J: City Horn
K: Country Horn
If you have suggestions you can write it in the comments
If you want to see more mods from us liket our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LSFiresystems?ref=hl

Audi Q7: Sketchupgalerie
DBS 4000: Sketchupgalerie
DBS 3000: mibblitz
Hänsch Nano: Firesytems
Conversion and Ingamen: Firesytems, LS13modfan
And now the most important
It is not allowed the Audi Q7 KdoW rebuild in any form, and to distribute them or upload new changed in deterministic form, also applies to parts of the mod. It is also not permitted to upload this newly unchanged. Use only the original link are used.

Michel Jänsch

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