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AutoCombine v2.0
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AutoCombine v2.0

I actually like a card with a rectangular fields . But in the SP or the combine harvester to drive yourself plus the tractor with trailer is then but a bit tedious .

On the other hand, I did not change any combine only myself and therefore I have written AutoCombine . The mod is installed easily in the mod folder . It automatically builds in all combines and forage harvesters . Thus the combine automatically moves around in circles around the field.

With the K button to open the Hud and starts with L or stops the automatic threshing. In Hud , you can adjust the width (default is 0 ! ) , The markers before and move it back and still set whether the combine abtankt standing or driving . The mod also works with forage harvesters .

Patch 2.0 is urgently needed !

The mod can , using the original download links and the name of the modder , are available for download anywhere . The reuploaden on other file hosters is prohibited.

A brief note to me would be nice too .

Ur-Skript Autopilot: Zartask
LS09 Skript Autopilot: Mr. F
LS11 Skript Autopilot für Mähdrescher: gotchTOM
LS13 und Umbaut Mogli aka biedens

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