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AV Map 2013 v2.0
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AV Map 2013 v2.0

Welcome to AvMapv2! This is a map of Andrei Valentin (AV Modding)

I hope you like this version because I worked quite much on it
What awaits you in this new version:

- a new farm
- a village
- a new store
- new textures
- new animations
- a campsite zone
- a new road
- a new section BGA
- a new point for sell grain
... new details

To operate barns you need this mod:

I wait with great pleasure your comments!
Also for any problem you encounter do not hesitate to contact me.
Please Respect my work as a mapper and uses only the original download link.
Furthermore, this map is not allowed in any modified form observed for download.
Should I get this, but I'm with dadrauf pass this permit foreign delete link

Andrei Valentin

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