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BaDo MP Map v2.0
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BaDo MP Map v2.0

Hi there.
About Us We have decided our BaDo-MP Map see the DL.
The map was after our (simple) ideas
! It is a pure MP map.!

1 Patch 2.0 is required.
2 The map also runs without error on the Dedi server.
3 There are pigs, cows, sheep, chickens.
4 The decay (rot) is "On".
This can always make you leave at will.
5 All fields are free and can be processed immediately.
6 Seed & fertilizer can I store on the farm or immediately
process after purchase.
Seed is available from the mill and the land trade, fertilizer, there are at
Raiffeisen & to acquire the land trade sale.
7 Pigs can be brought & sold to the butcher.
8 Pig & cow shed has to be cleaned out.
9 Manure can be retrieved via the normal manure basins as well as on the MapHoseRefStation.
10.Bewußt not friendly helpers.
11.You only has the standard fruits.

A Thanks for the great objects ect.
we will have to use

Blacky_BPG: - Digital display for Silofüllstände, scale with statistics function, Hofsilos
Katsuo: - average machine shop, small machine shop, grain storage
Marhu: - pig, AllInOneSilo
mailman: - Distant Hills Pack
Dutch: - Woodhouse
PaPa: - Country Trade, DDR water tank, stop v 1.0
GE mapping: - Milk Station
Farmer 12: - Shield curve v 1
Conversion by THP1985: - Mountain Hall conversion pack v 1.0
fin050808: - Map objects v 1.1
Javier007: - Pigs Slaughterhouse v 1.0
marjas31: - Beams around the stacks set v 1.0
martinbigM500: - silo silage cow pasture v 1.0, current distributor with cable reel v 1.0
Fendtfan1 (Chris): - Water Gas House v 1.0
MorphX, fruktor: - MapHoseRefStation (Model / Texture: MorphX, Script: fruktor)
Eribus: - wheat barley, maize textures
Fatian: - Road Packet (texture vanilla ice cream)
Jauch Paule: - workshop equipment, tool box, air compressor
Vanilla ice cream: - Grass Texture

Have fun with the map.
mfg BaDo

Blacky_BPG: - Digitalanzeige für Silofüllstände,Waage mit Statistikfunktion,Hofsilos
Katsuo - mittlere Maschinenhalle,kleine Maschinenhalle,Getreidelager
Marhu: - Schweinemast,AllInOneSilo
mailman: - Distant-Hills-Pack
Dutch: - Wood House
PaPa: - Landhandel,DDR Wassertank,Haltestelle v 1.0
GE-Mapping: - Milchstation
Landwirt 12: - Schild Kurve v 1
Umbau by THP1985: - Mountain Hall pack conversion v 1.0
fin050808: - Map Objekte v 1.1
Javier007: - Pigs Slaughterhouse v 1.0
marjas31: - Beams um die Stapel gesetzt v 1.0
by martinbigM500: - Silo Silage cow pasture v 1.0
Fendtfan1 (Chris): - Wasser Gas Haus v 1.0
martinbigM500: - Stromverteiler mit Kabelrolle v 1.0
MorphX,fruktor: - MapHoseRefStation (Modell/Texture: MorphX,Script: fruktor)
Eribus: - Weizen Gerste,Mais Texturen
Fatian: - Straßenpacket (Textur Vanilleeis)
JauchenPaule: - workshopEquipment,Werkzeugkiste,Kompressor
Vanilleeis: - Grastextur

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