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Bagmoors Farm
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Bagmoors Farm

Welcome to Bagmoors Farm

This is a real working farm set in Central Scotland, Great Britian in a small village called Pettinain. It has 250 acres of mixed arable land and grazing.
I have also added in extra fields that are located next to the farm but belong to other farmers in real life, they add in an extra 137 acres of mainly arable land.
So in total there is 387 acres to farm on this map.

This map has been made from real map dem terrain and is a close representation of the real farm and surroundings
The map is made up of some flat and hilly terrain and care must be taken on some slopes, also the river banking can be a danger if too close.
It is made up of a mixture of small fields to quite large fields, ranging from 0.4 acres - 31.16 acres

In this map you will find tight farm yards, some tight, bumpy, challenging roads and gates, and a very tight ramp up to the indoor silage pit and grain storage that will limit the size of equipment used and be a challenge to even the most experienced farmer.
There is plenty of sheds for bale storage, equipment storage and crop storage.
There is 2 silage pits, 1 outside and 1 inside, crop storage buildings for root and cereals.
Cow shed with floor to muck out. ( Manure to remove )
Milk truck can't get down to farm as there is no room so milk will be automatically sold at midnight, however it can be sold at the general merchants provided you have a tanker that can hold milk as a fill type.
There is no fertilizer or seed triggers at the farm yard, these can be easily found at the general merchants in the village.

All merchants in this map have been made up as there is no merchants near to this farms location.
So i have added in the following -
Pettinain Fodder ltd will buy all potato's and sugarbeet.
Pettinain Rail Depot will buy all grains.
Daniel Ross of Lanark ( vehicle Dealership ) can supply all your equipment needs. (Real merchant just not real location)
Pettinain General Merchants can supply Seeds and fertilizer, and also buy wool, milk and eggs.
And a bio-gas plant to power the village that can buy all chaff, grass etc.
There is also neighboring Weststraw Farm, who will buy all your straw and bales and some grains including Barley and Wheat.

All information required will be put in the map via custom info icons, just walk into them to learn their secret.

Every farm and farmer has names for their fields and this farm is no different. There is field names on the PDA that is used on this farm.
Any field that does not have a name in the PDA does not belong to this farm, but can still be used with the extra farm for bigger games etc.

Fields marked with a no entry sign on the gate do not belong to this farm, but to other farms in the area.

I have added more sheds etc to Weststraw farm to use as a secondary farm or contractors area etc, good for big multiplayer games. You cannot use the grain shed there to store grain as that is a sell point, you could however use tip alternative to store in some of the sheds, same goes for bales.
The cattle in the shed can also be fed at this farm if you so wish.

I hope you enjoy using my map.


ali9000 @ Fs_uk.com

ali9000 for Bagmoors Farm
Starter Map - FarmerYip
Map and Objects - Giants
Hedges - Dennis Busch, Spider100, Sandgroper
Grass Texture - Dahemac
Sheds and Gates and other various materials - NI Modding
Some Sheds and Fences - LuxFarm
Distance Hills & Ramp - Mailman
British Style Street Signs - WillJSavage
British Roads Pack - Russ
British Shed Pack - Farmer54 - WBF-Contracting1 for Conversion to 2013
Custom Help Icons - FSM Webby / FSM Chefkoch

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