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Ballen Fux v1.0
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Ballen Fux v1.0

I've even done thoughtfully as you can load large and small bales without front loader. Here is my BallenFux with which you can move the mouse control arm around the bale rests. You can load large and small bales.
The movable arm should not hold the bale squeeze only. Power to overtighten the balls he can fly in the air arm. So make the arm only so far down until it lightly touches the bale. The bales hold then Automatic.
Conversely Incurred bales can be re-erected.
If someone did not like the BallenFux keep the opinion to you.
I give you the BallenFux in the hope that you can need it.
greeting your TuneWar
PS. Respect for Modders!

Dieser BallenFox darf nicht verändert oder wo anders hochgeladen werden.

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