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Barns and buildings set part 3 v1.0
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Barns and buildings set part 3 v1.0

Here is the third set of buildings which have not yet been officially released. In this set there are houses that I built originally for the "Oldtimer Map 60s", including the normal maps as they were built exactly on the map at that time. Actually I wanted the buildings are not separately releasen but exclusively for the map but keep there from the map anyway become nothing is .. Maybe you can find yes to another map a good place :) All three objects are decorative only and are neither navigable nor have a different function.

Models by model eicher

# small half-timbered house
- Small, only 1 floor

# small half-timbered house with barn
- Barn in the same crooked half-timbered style of the house

# small half-timbered house with barn and manure piles
- Selbiges like bricked up only with bricks and a pile of manure in front of the barn

Have fun with it!

Modelle by modelleicher

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