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Big Tony's Hagenstadt Light v1.2
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Big Tony's Hagenstadt Light v1.2

"...It is NOT a map for a low-end PC or laptop. It has high resolution textures and objects."
- From the description of Big Tony's Hagenstadt Final

This is a reworked version of Big Tony's Final map. It has been modified to work on slower machines and laptops. The goal was to reduce lag while keeping the map as close to original as possible. This is the third version to be released.

Changes in v1.2:
- Bale destroy trigger in sell area was too high to remove bales at ground level.
- Learned how to use GE's "Export all with files" option, and this has reduced the file size of the map by ~40mb. A HUGE thank you to bassaddict for this bit of info.  :)
- Version number appeared incorrectly as '4' in the game's mod manager screen.
- Fixed grass growing in the wrong places here and there.
- Changed the model for clear silos so spouts are on alternating sides.
- Removed mechanical sound events at several locations around the map.
- Missing bridge joining Brewery North to fields 12 and 13 added to the PDA map.
- Redid textures for some of the signs and billboards.
- Moved the chickens a little and put a usable shed next to the cow area.
- Moved all the egg spawning spots to the front of the chicken area.
- Adjusted loadplaces so 1-3 reset in the yard, and 4&5 reset in the new shed.
- Added a labeled map to the zipfile to help folks find their way around. ;)
- Went over every location to make sure all entrances and exits are at ground level.
- Renamed 'Industrial Park' back to 'Freightyard'.
- Merged the two separate tip locations at Brewery N to get rid of extra 'Station' in PDA list. Brewery N will now show pricing for both wheat and barley on the same screen.
- Removed icons from SampleModMap.lua so telephones don't appear in the middle of fields.
- Renamed Hagenstedt to Hagenstadt. Can't believe I misspelled it for so long. :/

Original map:
Omarthefirst (Central Kansas)
Amarlich (Brookridge Farms)
Ad Strip - Sandgroper

Clear Silos - TLSF team ls france

Thanks go to garfield_x, J Willy, peanutts, dodger007 and Smokee for their help debugging and testing the map.
Thanks to sandgroper and Discoade for help with cow navmesh.

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