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Birchwood Final
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Birchwood Final

This is a small map with 27 fields and some grassed areas for cutting grass , hay or silage to feed your animals You will have plenty to do on this narrow little map but choose your equipment carefully as big machinery will not fit. Birchwood includes the standard crops and two additional Multi Fruit crops of Oats and Greenwheat. You will also have the added pressure of taking your Milk to the Dairy to sell as there is no milk truck running. You can sell your Wool pallets at the Lidl Shop and you if you want to get full production with your animals you will need to fill up your water trailers at the Mill beside the lake. There are four farm locations on the map, Arable, Dairy, Pig fattening and the Sheep farm. There are also four sale locations at the Mill, Inn, Lidl and the Butchers for your fattening mods. Birchwood also includes a BGA for the local towns needs, a bale sale and the Manure Mod.

Requires Patch 2
Map i3d 2.5mb - shape file 12mb
Zipped File 120mb

Change Log:
Bale Destroy Trigger changed
Tip Triggers solved
Straw trigger moved to centre (cowshed) also moved out so can use large loading wagon
Darker Nites Removed
Field Def

Authors OEB Modding: Enzosnext, cFarrar1, Scorpion210, Skw247 & blobbyfarmer
FS-UK KnowledgeBase & Forum
NI Modding - Farm Sheds & Pack
Seederman for sorting paintable trees and new crops
Paintable tress - Bullgore
Marhu - watermod -pig mod - beef script
Nick98.1 - signs
Central BGA V2 by getsome2030
Silo's V1 (Pig Farm) by honclik
Futterlager v1.2 (Sheep Farm) by Ganelcer
Road Tracks by fendtxylon524
Static Clutter by SandGroper
default FS09 objects for FS13
SheepShed by Scorpion210 @ OEB
Open Timber Shed Scorpion210 @ OEB
Welder v 1.0 by JauchenPaule
Workshop Equipment v 1.0 by JauchenPaule
Stone Bridge v 1.0 by Juanathan

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