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Birchwood v1.1
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Birchwood v1.1

This is a small map with 27 fields and some grassed areas for cutting grass, for hay or silage or to feed your animals with.
It's down to you to manage this small yet demanding little farm. You will have the standard crops and also two additional crops of Oat and Rye.
There are four points of sale for your crops at the Mill, Brewery, Garden Center and the Lidl Supermarket.
There is also profit to be made with your animals ranging from Chickens, Sheep, Cows and Pigs.
Milk needs to be manually run to the Dairy, Wool is sold at the Supermarket, Pigs at the Butchers and eggs at the village Post Office.
Birchwood also includes a BGA for the local towns needs, a bale sale at the Birchwood Farm and the map includes the Manure Mod and both Manure and Slurry can also be sold at the Garden Center if you have the correct equipment.
You will have to work hard if you want to your farm to be in good profit. Thank you for downloading our little map and for supporting OEB Modding. We hope you enjoy and have many hours of farming.
For an extra challenge try using Dural's MR mod, we have tested this in SP and MP and makes this a better challenge,
We have also tried to make this map so that it can run on lowend pc's, but we have noticed that a small amount might struggle, if so please contact via support.
This map is not to be edited without my permission and is not to be released or uploaded to any other website
NB - This map will only work with patch 2
Place the zip file in your mod folder.
Requires Patch 2
Map i3d 2.5mb - shape file 14.6mb
Zipped File 112mb
We recommend the following mods:
If placed in zipped format into your mod folder as normal, you will not need any special equipment to work the two extra crops installed into this map, as it use's standard grain planes for them.
Pig mod trailers are available from:.
Water/Milk trailers are available from:
All other these mods where tested on this map and worked perfectly

Authors OEB Modding: enzosnext, cFarrar1, Scorpion210, Skw247, _DJ_ & blobbyfarmer, Giants FS-UK Knowledge Base & Forum
NI Modding - Farm Sheds & Pack and Watermill
Seederman for sorting paintable trees and new crops
Paintable tress - Bull Gore
Marhu - Watermod - Pig mod - Wool Collector
Futterlager - by frisco0177
Nick98.1 - signs
Central BGA V2 by getsome2030
Tracks by fendtxylon524
Static Clutter by sandgroper
Wooden Wool Racking by Scorpion210 @ OEB
Sheep Shed by Scorpion210 @ OEB
Open Timber Shed Scorpion210 @ OEB
Welder v 1.0 by Jauch Paule
Workshop Equipment v 1.0 by Jauch Paule
Stonebridge v 1.0 by Juana Than

Thanks to Will "Farming Ace" for his upload of unfinished Birchwood http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/31607

I have also got to mention the whole OEB Farming Team for there tireless effort of testing, testing and more testing of this map as this would not be the map that it is now without there effort. Thanks to each and everyone one of you.

If I have forgotten anyone, please get in touch to be listed in credits.

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