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Black Hills Farm v1.0.2
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Black Hills Farm v1.0.2

Now is the time to show you my new map. Welcome to the Black Hills Farm. B eautiful little map. It has 29 fields and very unusual terrain. Work on this map is a challenge for all machines.
On the map there is only one place where we can sell everything.
We have one small farm and a few interesting machines. There are all triggers, manure ... We can have animals. C ows and chickens.
The map is finished, HOWEVER, it 'may be the next version with corrected errors.
Map works very well on every computer!
For this map are needed mods: ManureMod, SuperSiloTrigger ( http://ul.to/e2iljohx )
Please keep the original Download link!


  • Chet
    2014-06-28 20:36
    is this map based on the black hills in south dakota (usa)?
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