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Blickling Hall Farm
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Blickling Hall Farm

Welcome to Blickling Hall Farm and thank you for downloading.

This is British map based on a area of farmland in North Norfolk England.
There are 9 fields in total and 2 meadows of grass ready for cutting.
This map features cows, sheep and chickens, all standard crops are used.

Sell points are:
Brewery takes Barley.
Gamekeepers takes Maize.
Mill takes Wheat,Barley and Maize.
Refinery takes Sugar beet and Canola.
Supermarket takes Potatoes.
Egg sell point is at the shop in market place.
Spinnery takes your Wool.
Milk Depot for milk as there is no milktruck.
There is a Feed Store near the Gamekeeper, that also has a Straw sell point.
BGA can additionally buy your Grass, Manure and Liquid Manure.
Water can be taken at the Lake or the Mill.

I hope you enjoy this map.

These Mods are needed to play this map,otherwise you will have limited equipment.

Ford Force Tractors

Massey Ferguson 6200 Pack

Richard Western SF14 Trailer

Allis Chalmers 157 ALLCROP V2.1 SEEDER

Thanks to:
FS-UK website for Hosting,Mods and excellent forums
Farmer Yip for Tutorials

petorious for inspiration
Discoade for inspiration
Chris_7710 for inspiration

Napalm for help
robbie for help
dreadlx for help
blobbyfarmer for help
JDMFARMS for help
OutThe Road12 for help

Marhu for mods
Sean6920s for mods
Ni Modding for mods
GE mapping for mods
dajoun tunisia for mods
Trekkerbodo for mods
Mourice for mods
duarn for mods
M1800Power for mods
JauchenPaule for mods
Dutch for mods
CebuljCek_modding for mods

Please PM me if there are any objects on the map that have not been credited.

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