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Boby 2000 Map v0.1 Beta
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Boby 2000 Map v0.1 Beta

Here is a map of me
Although this is only a standart map, but I hope that you like
I have for all of gebäute would like bauer the permit
for the hills in the court and in the cow pasture are beabsichtig because my boyfriend (at test) always shoots to the curve / in the garage!!
it also runs in multiplayer!!
the map can not be uploaded anywhere else!

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Boby-2000-Modder-und-Helfer/1405227636425432
spin: http://www.spin.de/gruppe/Boby-2000_Modder_und_Helfer/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Boby2000Modder


  • Boby-2000
    2014-09-04 19:13
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    please immediately delete my mod of the pagebitte löschen sie umgehend meinen mod von der seite
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