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Bois De Touas v1.1
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Bois De Touas v1.1

Welcome to the Bois De Touas! Welcome to the Bois de Touas! Bienvenue au Bois De Touas!
Bois De Touas is a beautiful place in a peaceful and quiet area in france.
There is no other place where you can relax and forget about reality.
The basis of the project is map by Orchid. I Completely changed the appearance.
Map Has 13 available fields and 3 bigger pastures. (The smaller ones I do not count)
In addition, everyone will be happy: because there is so:
- Modern BGA, animals + pigs, WaterMod, big farm, 11 windmills ... No errors in the log!
Map Has A huge amount of detail!
Required Mods: MilkMod by Acert, MapDoorTrigger.
Thanks to Orchid for permission!
Please keep the original Download link!

orchid, T0bi69

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