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Borgault6700 and AirseederXL seeder
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Borgault6700 and AirseederXL seeder

Borgault6700 and AirseederXL seeder. The trailer is from the 09 CatSeedingPack and the airseeder is the Knagsted airseeder.
These mods have been edited with new scripts to use the default Giants seeder scripts and should therefore be MP compatible but has not been tested.
The AirSeeder can be filled with seed from the default map seed trigger.
The Borgault 6700 can be filled with fertilizer from the default map fertilizer trigger.
Known issues: Some of the dolly caster wheel sets do not spin. The marker arms do not work and the seeder arms do not raise and lower.
Unfold/Fold: Key "X"
Turn On/Off Seeding/Fertilizing: Key "B" when each unit is selected.

Airseeder XL
Original Model & Scripting - Knagsted
Converted to Bednar Edit - Jerrico
Converted to Borgault Seeder - Jb3pc4sale

Original Model & Scripting - Sven18koehler & BigFarmer145
Conversion and edits - Jb3pc4sale

  • Bart
    2014-05-21 07:10
    hey thereI really like this unit but I got one little problem and that is the machine doesn't follow the tractor nicely. when ya turn left or right the seeder just flies around and also when seeding and it goes just on a little angel when seeding a slope in a field it will just slide down the slope and into the tractor.idk if theres any way of fixing it but I figured I give a heads up
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