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Borowo Map v2
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Borowo Map v2

Author: Union Modding Team (Invincible)

Borovo Map V2. A revised version of the previous map. You can now play without problems;) I also changed a little farm and purchase.

- Manure, slurry v2
- Mod Sieczka
- Mod Pigs
- Basic cultivation
- Curious climate
- Purchase Straw
- Purchase pigs
- Cows, chickens and sheep are on the map but not set triggers because they ultimately were to be only pigs but few people wanted to cows, so just owtorzyć map at GE and set yourself triggers

Categorical prohibition of changing the link!
Prohibition edit or reuploadu!
We recommend taking out on other forums (after a Litwińskimi) but with the same description as that!
The ban konwertu to the LS 2015!
A pack you need to extract, is a map and a second parcel of mods needed to run the map (also need to unpack and put into mods).

Union Modding Team (Invincible)

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    Willkommen auf der Webseite mit mods für das Spiel http://farmmod.blogspot.com
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