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Brewery with production v3.0
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Brewery with production v3.0

Hello people
Here is my Brewery finally to download, because I have so many of you asked.
In the Arco_Brauerei.rar a text file is a brief description of the insert into the map.
At the brewery itself...
Hops must ye buy (trigger is attached)
It is only produced beer when you have delivered the three products (barley, hops and water).
Have fun!
GE mapping

Grundscript von Marhu's MischStation

  • Guest
    2014-07-21 02:17 Send message
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    Hi im new to the modding community and not real sure where to message people but I am creating a map and was wanting to use this brewery. I am from Texas and my map is based on my area and wanted to use textures to match the local breweries so I thought I would ask if I had permission to modify a few textures if I was to upload the map after completion.
  • Minty
    2016-08-01 12:28 Send message
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    Hi, I'm having trouble with this. The Gate doesn't open and there is no Information appearing in the F1 Control Menu on the screen. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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