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Briggs Farm V3
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Briggs Farm V3

based on Briggs farm V3, change is no more basments, cow building and cow fance change to color yellow, a road with four ways (North South Wast and East) 14 fields one of that is grass. (North 4 fileds with size 200*200 / South 2 fileds with size 200*400 / West with 2 fileds size 200*200 / East with 2 fileds size 200*200 [ one is grass feild]) titanium version.

By: jack7777

  • Pablo
    2014-03-22 12:21
    hi jack7777 really like your farm but is there any chance of putting root veg in like carrots, red and white cabbage and onions, thanks pablo(uk)
  • Jack7777
    2014-03-22 15:53
    Sorry I don't know how to add multfuilt!
  • Pablo
    2014-03-22 19:37
    hi jack7777thanks for replying never mind, would it be ok if i had your permission to have a go and make it multifruit i will let you no and put your name as the map maker (pablo) uk
  • Almdx
    2016-01-16 06:40
    It would be very nice, if you put it to fs 15
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