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Briggs Farm
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Briggs Farm

Briggs V100 , based on the briggs map v3, deep edit and open a path to east side of map 2 new huge feild (need seed with 40t of seed on each feild) small tractors will be no use on that, but near farm HQ has small feild, but needs to buy. Manure and slurry selling building and a farm shop sell point are at northeast side of farm HQ, a mult silo 700t each at the back of farm shop at south of farm HQ, a big BGA with two mult silo with 3000t each (3000t*3*2=18000t total). bga two tip place cap 50t each. 2 of mult 350t soil at 2nd floor of farm HQ.

By: jack7777

  • Petr
    2014-08-21 16:46
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