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Briggs Farm V1.02
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Briggs Farm V1.02

it based on the Briggs_Farm V3, but this is V1.02, changes are:
1. no more 2nd floor, no runways, no watch towers,no tiny feilds.
2. first floor looks very clear, but it has seven basement floor below the farm HQ, you can park more more cars in to it, bale storage at the seventh floor (botton only). If you unload the bales from 1st floor - 6th floor of basement's no zone size, if over the range of the basement size, that bale will say byebye to you for ever.  If you unload the bales from 1st floor - 6th floor with in basement's size, it will auto drop down to 7th floor of the basement. you can pick up there. east side of the map the two feilds becomes larger then before.


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