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Bunker Silo Placeable v1.0.1
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Bunker Silo Placeable v1.0.1

As someone testify by the constant
"There is currently no way to make the silo placeable!"
felt gentleman calls out he hatt to this morning drangesätzt times and a placeable Fahrsilo "nailed together"
yes nailed together, it's just a Basic has been tested in SP.
There will be no claims! Anyone may use this freely, modify, remodel, new photos, etc.


  • Matt
    2014-08-04 16:15
    A big thank you to however made this object.
  • Vampirecat019
    2014-08-05 07:20
    So... It does or does not work? I can't understand if it is a working mod, because of the wonky translation. lol
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