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Carrigart Town
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Carrigart Town

Here we have "Carrigart Town," a new map by myself. The map is Irish and is based around my area..The terrain is made from a DEM which i have edited to my liking.

Carrigart Town is a small map limited to around 25 fields, it has hilly land, tight lanes and challenging scenarios. There are two main farm yards in the map to explore, along with a town and fine cliffside scenery.

The main farm has all the main characteristics needed to help you farm, including eg..Cow Zone, fuel, fertilizer and seed triggers. The yard has two silage pits also, so feeding is all close at hand.

The Second yard, is where the sheep zone lays. It is relatively smaller, with only three-four sheds. The grain storage shed is also on the sheep farm, but the yard is very tight making it difficult to manouvour larger equipment. The town also has all necessary triggers, fuels, seed etc..with the shop also in the town it is nearby to the main farm making it easy and quick to transport machinery.

I hope you have as much enjoyment in the map as i have had making and testing it, thanks.


Ni Modding
Fs-uk Mod Team

Eire Agri
Irish Silage Men

If I have missed anyone in these credits, let me know and I shall edit it.

  • Sheathanaich
    2014-02-13 21:09
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    Ah....Such a nice map, awesome field layout....Methinks I'll need to polish up my narrow lane driving!!!Cheers :)
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