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Case 1570 Spirit of 76
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Case 1570 Spirit of 76

The Fourth of July 1776 saw the United States declare it's Independence from Great Britain. Two hundred years later as the Bicentennial was being celebrated, Case introduced the 1570 complete with a Stars and Stripes paint scheme. This paint feature was called the Spirit of '76.

This mod pack includes the 1976 Case 1570 in the 'Spirit of '76' paint scheme, and in the standard white and red colours. Also included is a 1971 Case 1370 with the Desert Sand and Flambeau Red colours. There are also buyable front weight blocks and buyable dual wheels to match these paint schemes. The dual wheels are supplied on a convenient Carry-all to aid transportation.

Other features include a selectable mirror, opening doors and windows, and dust particles.

Model and Texture = Jughaid
Dust Particles: BJR
Buyable Twin Wheels: SFM Modding
Einblendungs: LS-Landtechnik.de
InteractiveControl v2.0: SFM Modding
Selectable: ls-for-ever
Sounds by Giants

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    Looks good works good. Thanks. Did I see a 2670 in the picks? Is it a wip?
  • Guest
    2020-02-05 00:13
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    is there anyone who can convert this to FS19? or any of the other old ji case tractors?
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    2020-03-24 16:28
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    sounds cool im doing now !
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