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Case Ih 2388 Australia v1
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Case Ih 2388 Australia v1

Hello, my very first mod. this case ih header is well known in its time but now its gone back to scrap.
the front is not big but you don't have a corn front.
This mod was edited by me i changed the sound, person and put a number plate on.
You may go on about The person i am sorry if you a more better modder than me change the person if you please.

editor Luke Wenke

I forgot the other people:D

  • Luke
    2016-01-03 10:25 Send message
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    By-the way if you are alarmed by the corn front I found it with the mods folder so I put it in any more comments.I will start a Mod Paddock Basher.it will Contain-Rusty body work-horn-headlights-The normal Farmer skinand if you want a trailer for the Header I will introduce a trailer for the Case Header.it will not attach to the Header its selfso have a good one
  • Name
    2019-03-12 15:29
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