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Case IH Wing Disk Pack
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Case IH Wing Disk Pack

I present you with the Case IH Wing Disk pack.  There are two wing disks in this pack. 
The first is the CaseIH 340 True Tandem wing disk.  This disk is made for primary first pass tillage.  It can break up hard clods of dirt and prepare you field for the cultivator.  This disk is specialized as a plow since with my experience it is a "first pass" tool. 
To operate, simply drive it out to the field attached to your favorite tractor.  Once you are completely inside the field's boundaries, press X to unfold.  After unfolding the disk will automatically lower itself and you can begin work.  After the disk is unfolded, simply press the V key to raise and lower it.

X- Unfold and Lower, Fold up.
V- Raise and lower (only works when unfolded)

Next in the pack is the Case IH 330 Turbo True Tandem disk.  This disk is made for shallow tillage and quick seedbed prep.  This tool is specialized as a cultivator since it makes the ground ready for the drill or planter in just one pass.  This one operates the same way as the 340 disk.  X unfolds and lowers the tool, and once it has been unfolded, simply press V to raise and lower the disk.  

This pack MUST BE UNZIPPED and the two separate disks be placed in the mods folder.

Models and Textures:  dph
Scripting: westmorgan
Decals:  westmorgan and skoomalegend

I'd like to thank the members of this forum for their help and suggestions throughout the build process.  This is my first scratch build project to be released and I hope everyone enjoys it.

Models and Textures: dph
Scripting: westmorgan
Decals: westmorgan and skoomalegend

  • Guest
    2014-08-07 04:51
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    it work real good men I like it
  • Guest
    2014-08-08 02:09
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    When I go to buy the mod at the store it says "No more room. Remove some vehicles" I'm not sure what is going on.
  • Jeff
    2014-10-19 16:55
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    Finally! An American style wing disc that works! Love this mod.
  • Tom


    2015-08-07 01:55
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    Is it easy to convert to use in FS 2015? Would make an awesome addition. If you know if this can be done contact me at....... cool joe beanz coffee AT g mail DOT com.... obviously put everything together for it to be proper..
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