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Case Magnum 340 More Realistic
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Case Magnum 340 More Realistic

- Extendable warning signs
- Animation boarding
- Counter hours
- Manual firing
- An electronic counter
- Lights, animation joystick
- Dynamic exhaust
- Full lighting
- Additional wheels for pallet
- Mod oil exchange
- Expected sinker
- Opening doors, opening rear window
- Panel IC
- Adjustable steering wheel
- washable
- Mod plowing

File size: 56 MB

Author: satalit368, Vovanus, Alemao

satalit368, Vovanus, Alemao

  • Jenya_it
    2014-05-19 23:11
    Bad mod, big arhive, no professional work!
  • Nathan
    2014-07-20 22:06
    amazing mod! amazing phycis and stuff but i wish it came with english instructions to change the oil, now my tracktor is in the way of my main field and it shut down my entire operation, i would sell it but i have 9 other tracktors and i dont wanna sell the good ones by accident.
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