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Case tractors pack
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Case tractors pack

This pack includes:
Case CVX175 Tier III
Case Magnum 315
Case IH Steiger 600HD v3
CASE IH Magnum 340S
Case IH Maxxum 140 v2
Case Puma 230
Massey Ferguson 6200 Pack
Case 500 american version pack

Case CVX175 Tier III credits:
Case-Fahrer, AzoaX, JoXXer, BJR_DriveGroundParticles, Face, Sven777b, Templaer, Henly20, Xentro, EddieVegas and GIANTS.

Special thanks to the BJR-Modding test team:
EddieVegas, Marxtai, Dave_Boughen, Hitperson, theSeb, Wiliam, snapper and 07lthorne

Case Magnum 315 credits:
Julian11 & Big Boss Modding

Case IH Steiger 600HD v3 credits:

CASE IH Magnum 340S credits:

Case IH Maxxum 140 v2 credits:
Modell: zoleee11
Ingame: Bala
Kerék: Szmate
Módosítás: ModMens

Case Puma 230 credits:

Case 500 american version pack credits:
Giants / Rafazr

Massey Ferguson 6200 Pack credits:
Big Thanks to all the modders who allowed me to use their work to create this mod. If I have missed anyone please let me know and I will add you to the credits.
Special thanks to ThatKid-96 and Eadams for testing and Eadams for some texture help.
Edit/Conversion: Gnftr04
Tractor: Tepa00
Wheels: DJ Snake, agrotron 155, AxioBib dirt texture Big Boss Modding, TM dirt texture Gnftr04
Rear Linkage: BJR Modding/Case-Fahrer, AzoaX and JoXXer
Front Linkage: Agrarservice-SHS
Beacons: FarmingFever and ?
Textures: Tepa00, Keke, Ago-Sytemtech, Agrarservice-SHS, AzoaX, JoXXer, Gnftr04 and Eadams
Scripts: Giants, Gnftr04, JoXXer, Face, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Burner, rf928, Boembchen, Mythos
Ingame: Gnftr04
Sounds: Giants, EddieVegas
Testing: ThatKid-96 and Eadams

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    Where do i put this type of file to get it into my mod pack, not sure how to get it to work. Any help please?
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    it is a rar file you have to have 7zip win zip on your computer I use 7zip just type 7zip in google and download the most recent version to your computer and its free to download by the way
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