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CaseIH MowerTT 8100 v1.0
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CaseIH MowerTT 8100 v1.0

Function: mow grass and pick up at the same time or just mow grass.
Working width: 6 meters, loading capacity: 19000 liters,
Hour meter, cruise control, rear work light, turn signals, Indoor sound,
Warning sound when the bunker is full, Bunkerfüllparticlesystem,
Lockout when the mowers are collapsed,
Zuklappsperre when the mowers are turned on.
Maximum speed: 44 km / h, helper mode no.

Shop price: € 159,000, maintenance costs 159 € / day,
Polys: 34000, Total VRAM: 7.8 MB,
Multiplayer test on the original Hagenstedt only with this mod in the mods folder was ok.
Was tested with Update 2.1 Public Beta 3 Patch.

Modell, Textur und Ingame: usxi7sd

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    This was recently converted to work in FS15, but need permission from the creator to be able to re upload it.
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