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CaseIH Nutri Tiller pack
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CaseIH Nutri Tiller pack

This has 2 mods in pack CaseIH nurti-Tiller and double ammonia tanks. It is for pretreating the ground when tilling.
Dem double tanks by DocElyoc, Modding Unlimited
The cultivator original was  Alpego Cracker by MF_7499
modified and reskinned by jb3pc4sale
I have extended and added hoses and seed appreciators to it.
Do not reload to anywhere else.


  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-04-13 08:56
    This seeder and fertilizer sprayer combination works quite well.Steer clear of the XL version ... doesn't seem to work or at least I could never get it to load up!
  • Guest
    2014-10-07 06:32
    The function to hire an employee doesn't work right with this implement. Also the front wheel of the anhydrous trailer doesn't stay on the ground, so pulling it around a corner at road speeds causes it to whip back and forth.
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