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Cattle and pig fattening v1.0 Rindermast
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Cattle and pig fattening v1.0 Rindermast

Today I want to introduce you to my pigs and cattle fattening. Since I did not like the other cattle and Schweinemasten, in short I have even gestzt to it and to transfer the originals of Marhu in a beautiful barn.
You've got to see the Giants editor built into your map, a placeable version, it will not be because I lack the necessary skills to do so.
All necessary scripts and installation instructions are included.
The original scripts come from Marhu, which, unfortunately, is not here to see Modhoster, even on other sites. (Therefore, I could not obtain permission from him) the stable building, comes from Emsfahrer and Katsuo, whose permission has been granted to me. The manure pit and the manure pile comes from the pen of GCG Modding and permission is also available. The rest comes from GIANTS and I (Silas770) have converted the barn on the pigs and cattle fattening.
Your dürft they release it in a map without my permission, it would be nice if you would call me in the credits.
It is not allowed the pigs and cattle fattening without my permission to upload it to other sites!
For questions and problems I am you, both here on Modhoster, as well as on NKB Modding under the user name Silas770 available.
mfg Silas770

Stall (Erlaubnis vorhanden)
- Emsfahrer
- Katsuo

Misthaufen und G├╝llegrube (Erlaubnis vorhanden):
- GCG Modding

Originale Schweinemast und Scripte:
- Marhu (leider nicht auffindbar)

neue Schweine- / Rindermast :
- Silas770

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