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Central Kansas v2.2
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Central Kansas v2.2

A nice Map for Course Play with Soil management system. I have change a few things. Feed Storage, Fermenting Silo, Feed Mixing Station and Soil Management.
Map have standard fruit. Once again, reminiscent of the past to.
Hope you will enjoy Soil Management mod with help of course play. becouse here is lot of work for you "spreading manure and lime, plowing fields, seeding, fertilizing, herbicide sprayer. So you need lot of manure.

Main Author : Omar

Soil Management and Growth Control
Script: Decker_MMIV.
Graphics: KaosKnite, JakobT, GIANTS, Decker_MMIV and others.
Translation 'DE': JakobT, webalizer.
Translation 'RU': Gonimy_Vetrom, VAHA.
Translation 'CZ': KingFrame, Albi.
Translation 'FR': Marxtai, Dural.

Fermenting Silo v 1.1.9 : Marhu
MapSiloBand v2.5.2 : Marhu
Misch Station v2.3.6 : Marhu
WoolPaletteCollector V 1.3.1 : Marhu
WaterMod v3.0 :Marhu

  • Guest
    2014-10-06 01:40
    love your map you map everything is spaced out better then the farming simulator 2013 game where everything is way to close to together
  • Tom
    2014-12-22 10:33
    hey can you plz make this map for 2015 plz i love this map and would love to play it on 2015
  • Eramirez56
    2015-08-30 21:15
    great map, i also agree with a 2015 conversion
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