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Claas Orbis Transport Protection v1.0
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Claas Orbis Transport Protection v1.0

Hello Dear LS community
Today is the day and we put our Claas Orbis Transport protection for download.
This model has been specially adapted to the Claas Jaguar 980 from green builders.
The need to Claas Jaguar 980 can be found here :
IMPORTANT! Knowledge of the Giants Editor and. Xml are required for installation.
Read the. PLEASE rar unpacking and the readme there are the entries in it and how her
attacher installs in Orbis.
There is also a picture with them on how it should look you can see.
Watch out! Patch 2.0 or higher is required because the mod uses the new performance-optimized. I3d format that is possible since release of patch 2.0.
Patch download here: http://www.farming-simulator.com/updates.php?patch_2_0=true

Visit us also at times

We wish you much fun with the mod!
MfG meistro and John Deere fan
Copyright (C) meistro @ R & M Modding, John Deere fan, All Rights Reserved.

Do not reupload or modify without permission!
Keep the original download link!
Support us on the side! NOT PER PN / COMMENT FUNCTION!

Modell: R&M Modding
Textur: John-Deere fan
Ingame & Animation: John-Deere fan
Script: Giants / Sven777b

  • Kenny
    2014-07-21 14:19
    BULLSHIT !!!
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