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Claas Truck Trailer Pack v1.0
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Claas Truck Trailer Pack v1.0

here is the Claas edition of my Multi fruit truck and trailer pack, I'm not a Claas fan but had numerous requests for it. guess it's just the difference in where we all are from. so for you Claas fans i hope you enjoy it

 fruittype are as follows:

wheat rape maize barley chaff apple plum apricot pear potato sugarbeet cherry apple carrot apricot grass grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow manure forage cucumber plum cotton cherry coffee onion rice soybean sunflower tomato poppy spelled mushroom triticale oat millet rye pear honey melon redcabbage whitecabbage savoycabbage silage gravel grit fertilizer hemp sand lime gravel earth grape aubergine sugarcane kuerbis spelled hops cement

Id like to thank Big Boss Modding for giving me permission to release to edited version of Their truck.

Id also like to thank Getsome2030 for the help He Has givenName me as well.

this mod is not to be published on any other site without my permission.

no changes to mod are to be republished without my permission as well

Big Boss Modding

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