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Conestoga farm
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Conestoga farm

This is a recreation of the original FS09 map updated to FS13 standards. For now it has the default crops and animals. Crops can be stored at the main farm and sold at the Mill (wheat, barley, rape), Port (wheat, maize), Supermarket (potato, sugarBeet), and Brewery (wheat, barley). The Supermarket also accepts eggs, and wool is sold at the Spinnery. There are two bale sale points, one at the main farm, the other at the bale shed near the Garden Center.

In addition to the obvious eye candy, Conestoga also has the water mod, and soilManagement mod. The water trough for the cattle is to the left as you come in off the road, for the sheep it's to the right just past the wool pallet spawner. The wheat trough for the chickens is closest to the corner of the fence and the water is the other one (both are located inside the fence). Withering has been disabled for all crops to make it easier to keep an eye on the weeds. Seed and fertilizer are available at the main farm on the covered platform to the left of the main entrance. To supply the energy for the village there is a BGA located on the west edge of the map just south of the dealership.

Recommended Mods:
Water/Milk Trailer:
FMC Soil Management:

First and foremost I want to thank Giants for the game and the editor
Management and staff of FS-UK for their awesome website
Members of FS-UK for their advice and support
Don Ho for Notepad++
Adobe for Photoshop
Martin Wright for dxtBMP
FarmerYip for the starter map
Luke159 for the water plane
Sandgroper for his conversion(s) of Giants FS09 Buildings, static objects and the FS11 DLC2 BGA
Feterlj for his remodeled port surface
Lecra for the lighthouse
Marhu/Chief86 for the watermod
FMC for the soilManagement mod
WKubota for the small bridge

OEB Modding for their assistance in testing. Much appreciated guys :)
Sandgroper and Bassaddict for technical advice when I got my fields buggered up. Saved me a fortune on aspirins guys...thank you.

And a huge thank you to Blobbyfarmer for all his assistance, inspiration and motivation. I couldn't have done it without you.

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