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Continental drift LS13 v1.0 Multifruit
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Continental drift LS13 v1.0 Multifruit

Patch 2.0 is REQUIRED
This Continental Drift is built for MP on Dedi server or as a self- HOSTER .
They can also be in SP PLAY , then one should take HOLIDAYS ;) AI in SP on the LETS available .
This is the Continental Drift Map that was built by the members of LETS TEAM , the EGO , cekr11 and MeinerEiner .
Lets The team was founded by my one and created the Continental Drift Revised and a NEW card called LETS from scratch .
Purpose was to enable users with weaker PC or laptop the game.
Each farm on the Conti has a feed store . This feed stores are interconnected . If you are straw into feed store on the Lets , you can see it on the 13 , 11 or 09 . This also applies to the grain silo .
On the 09 Map 5 compound feed plants have been installed. There are also pigs on all farms.
Fruits that were installed to the STANDARD FRUIT .
Slurry, manure , spelled, oats , hemp , rye , carrots , onions, milk
Rot is off.
The map may not be disclosed without permission of the Lets teams , changed or uploaded in other forums !
The LOG is inserted without ERROR and in the Conti -ZIP .

Mapbauer: MeinerEiner, cekr11, Ossiman
Beratung durch EGO
Fast alles von GIANTS
MAP LETS IDEE und Bau von MeinerEiner
Futterlager von: frisco0177
LS11 Standard Häuser von: XAnonymousX
(Textur der Werkstatt) Maxter und Modelleicher
Brücken Baukasten Set von meistro
Industrieanlage: terminator
Diverses von [FSM] Team (Chefkoch) für Gebäude, Texturen etc. Dank an Christian und Thorsten für "Tipps und Tricks"
Dank an Bullgore für DIVERSE Scripte
Rolltor v 1.0 incl. Script von grafik-edv
MRA Modding

Das LETS-TEAM bedankt sich bei allen Moddern deren Objekte, Scripte und Texturen wir verbaut haben:
Sollten wir jemanden in den Credits nicht erwähnt haben, so ist das keine ABSICHT. Bitte PN an das LETS-TEAM, werden wir dann sofort NACHTRAGEN.

  • Joel robalo
    2014-05-04 19:09
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    Please can you add multifruit to this map??Because the map hitself is very interesting
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