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Cornhusker Hopper Trailer V2
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Cornhusker Hopper Trailer V2

SMW Modding presents the Cornhusker 51-Foot Hopper Trailer Version 2: are you looking for a trailer that goes above and beyond the call of duty? If so, then you’re looking the 51 foot Cornhusker hopper trailer. With more capacity for larger harvests, the Cornhusker is made to reduce fuel consumption and the number of trips made to the bins. And when you’re unloaded, just raise the one or both of the lift axles, and ride home with less rolling resistance.

What’s New
•   Reallights replaced with Beleuchtung
•   Fixed Collision
•   New Wheels (Credits to Lazy Mod Studios and Isotope for permission)
•   Independently Liftable Axles
•   Adjusted Weight
•   Multi-fruit Compatible

Additional credits:
•   Scripting—Sivy, Sandgroper, Smith121363
•   Pictures—seriousmods
•   Wheels—Isotope and Lazy Mod Studios
•   Testing—Scorpion210, Discoade

Features of the Cornhusker 51-Foot Hopper Trailer:
•   Proper Scaling (Approximately 51 feet long and 8.5 feet wide)
•   AO Texturing
•   Dual Lift Axles
•   Working Blinkers and Marker Lights
•   Working Tarp

What do you need to run this mod?
•   Farming Simulator 2013 Version 2.0 Beta
•   A Vehicle or Trailer Dolly with a Fifth Wheel

Contributors to This Mod
•   Model and Texturing—Rafael Zanella
•   Scripting—Johndeere167, Disturbed742, Lee Lexionman, FarmBozza
•   Testing—seriousmods, Dylan Delong, BigCountry, Lee Lexionman

Rules for Uploading to Other Sites:
When uploading this mod to other sites, please use the original download link and either your own screenshots or those provided by seriousmods.

From the SMW Modding Team.

SMW Modding Team

  • Farmergord
    2014-02-20 07:01 Send message
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    Great mod, use it instead of the default trailer.
  • Alex
    2014-12-11 20:02 Send message
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    i cant get it to unload for some reason
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