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Cornwell Farm v2
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Cornwell Farm v2

omarthefirst asked me to upload this map for him. He is the creator of this map, i just helped with the testing and the uploading.

This is just a small map with a total of 11 fields. I made it with the Farming Classics machinery in mind. I made it also for when i am in the mood to do all the planting, plowing, combineing and fertilizing myself.... with the smaller machinery.

Has a small BGA, Cows, Sheep, Chickens, 2 silage pits, 3 selling points (Investors, Merchants, and Inn), 2 farms ( Animal and crop.) plenty of detail.Hope you enjoy the small map i made! :)

- Added Grain Farm to the South
- Replaced Animal Fencing
- Extended cow area
- Added Grass Field and planted several crops
- Plenty of Detail
- New Textures

CF Credits
Stone Wall - Vallsta
farmFencingV1.3 - sandgroper
multiTerrainDetailAngle - Petorious
staticClutter - sandgroper
defaultFS09Objects - sandgroper
objectPackage1 - ghilliesniper
waterMod V3 - Marhu
Sheep Shed - OEB modding
10 Different Hedges - Johan12
Small Well - detlef1957
Cattle Grid - leicestershireFarmer
Distance Mountains - Disturbed742
Grain Silos - NI Modding
Mini BGA - Typho0n
NI Map objects - NI Modding
Ranch Fencing - Sandgroper
Silos - NI Modding
Tree and ground textures - Lord Williams
New Ground and Fruits Texture - Forgotten Plants Mod Author Eribus
Special thanks to J Willy for helping out with the testing. Smiley

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