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Country Freedom v1.1
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Country Freedom v1.1

This my first map. I used a starter map made by farmeryip. deleted just about everything on it and did it the way i saw fit. there are all kinds of selling points. whool is on a little farm. milk truck rests at a farmer jack before doing its rounds. wool and water mods are installed.  this is a pretty straight forward map all of the feilds are medium to small. there are ten and you start with three, there is plenty of room and open space to add more if you would like.cows chickens and sheep are right next to the farm for easy acess. there is a little pond right next to the sheep for for easy water acess.

hope you enjoy this mod message me or comment for any concerns.

rimessa by marcolussi
HEITZ STRAW POWER PLANT V1.0 by Tomas @ http://www.modhub.us/user/thomas
NET MARKET V1.0 Netto Market v3.0. i reset the logo to be a Farmer Jack though
Pig V 0.8 by Marhu
Cattle Fattening V 3.0 by Ls-2013Modding
BAYWA DEALER V 1.0 by Ovidyu
mapsiloband By marhu

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