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Courseplay Updater Support
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Courseplay Updater Support

This is Support for Courseplay Developer Version Auto Updater.
This app allows you to quickly download Courseplay Developer Version and add it in to your mods folder with a simple click, It also creates 10 backups of previous versions of Courseplay by default.
Please do note upload this to any other sites with out my permissions.

Change Log/Features:
    Changed Folder Layout. (v1.0.0.7)
    Fixed random temp files. (v1.0.0.7)
    Added Entry to Settings.ini "Version Backups=10". (v1.0.0.7)
    Removed Backup Time & Date replaced with number. (v1.0.0.7)
    Added more debugs to log file. (v1.0.0.6)
    Fixed Backup Time & Date Formats. (v1.0.0.6)
    Fixed Farming Simulator Running bug on Windows XP. (v1.0.0.6)
    7zip is no longer required to be installed. (v1.0.0.5)
    Added Settings.ini to change Log file and Mod Directories. (v1.0.0.4)
    Added Support for Windows Xp/Vista/7/8. (v1.0.0.4)
    Backup Previous Versions of Courseplay. (v1.0.0.3)
    Fixed more Bugs. (v1.0.0.2)
    Fixed a few Bugs. (v1.0.0.1)
    Downloads and Installs Courseplay Developer Version. (v1.0.0.0)


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