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Crossing Constructor v1.02
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Crossing Constructor v1.02

Hello MH community,

finally he runs, the CrossingConstructor. This can make for intersections with 3-6 branches at any angle.
Since there are still some improvement ideas, here only once as beta version.

The functions are described in the accompanying manual (PDF).

The parameters can be saved in. INI files. To try out I have attached a couple of INI files and their own road textures. The INI files are fitted to the data of the StreetConstructors.

Bundesstrasse_3x120.ini federal highway with 3 branches á 120 degrees
Bundesstrasse_4x.ini federal highway with 4 different branches
Bundesstrasse_6x60.ini federal highway with 6 branches á 60 degrees
Landesstrasse_3x.ini country road with 3 branches
Landesstrasse_4x.ini country road with 4 branches
Ortsstrasse_3x.ini local road with 3 branches
Feldweg_3x.ini dirt road with 3 branches

Road_00.dds: Road texture without all
Road_01.dds: Road texture with lines page
Road_02.dds: Road texture with side lines and dashed center line
Road_03.dds: Road texture with side lines and solid center line

Meanwhile, I also got the release of Fatian for its geometry and textures. These are contained in the folder "Fatian"
Fatian_lane_X120.ini dirt road with 3 branches
Fatian_road_X120.ini road with 3 branches

In addition to Fatians textures I modified the Road texture without center lines: road_oML.dds

The INIs are also for the StreetConstructor this
Fatian_lane.ini dirt road
Fatian_road.ini road

Enjoy folders.


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Texturen und Parameter von Fatian (Freigabe liegt vor)

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