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Crystal Lake Ranch v1
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Crystal Lake Ranch v1

Welcome to northwestern Wisconsin Here you will find medium to large fields with standard crops for right now. This is a pack so remember unpack first. In the pack you will find the map which is a big map but not overly large 1 person can handle it in single player. Secondly there is a new mixer which allows you to fill with corn for your TMR feed for you cows. You can get the corn from the bins or from the east silo near the silage bunker. This map has been a long time coming and I would like to thank my great testers for the work they have done.

Sandgroper-fences and corral
NI Modding- buildings
Giants for the map to build
AEM: for allowing this to be uploaded.

  • Farmergord
    2014-02-17 04:34
    Thanks, I tried the beta on another site last year. Looking forward to see the finished product.
  • Evan
    2014-02-23 20:07
    i put this mod in my folder but it wont show up in the game. anything i can do to get it to work?
  • Dawn
    2014-02-24 17:46
    I have downloaded and the map shows up in list but it tries to load unsuccessfully. I have allowed it over 10 minutes to load up and it still hasn't finished loading so that I can start. I then deleted and re-installed the map but that hasn't worked either. Any thoughts?
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