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Dahemac's Grass Texture With Flowers v2
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Dahemac's Grass Texture With Flowers v2

This is an improved version of my original grass texture with flowers. I have made changes to the white flowers. However the important change affects performance. The original texture did not include mipmaps. It can look odd at a distance and may contribute to lag in your game. If you are using the original texture you should simply replace it with this one.

Here is a foliage_grass_diffuse.dds for use in your maps that includes some flowers. I have taken the original texture and added forget-me-nots, devil's paintbrush, a small yellow daisy, and a smaller white wildflower. The additions are added so that first-growth grass has small white flowers, second-growth grass has yellow flowers and finally mature grass has blue and red flowers. Also, the flowers for each growth stage appear in different clusters. So, this texture will give you a lot of variety without the effect being overpowering.

Make a copy of the original texture. Unzip dhm_grass_flowers_02.zip. Replace the old foliage_grass_diffuse.dds with the new one. This is the path:

dahemac made this. Also, Giants made the base texture. So, really, dahemac just drew pretty flowers.

Credit and thanks go to bassaddict for his excellent performance tutorial. http://fs-uk.com/forum/index.php?topic=123400.0 Read it. Apply it. It makes a huge difference.

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