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Dalciowo by mati4859
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Dalciowo by mati4859

Welcome. I wanted to introduce you to my map, on which I spent a couple of days.

Map features:
-1 farm
-buying all crops
-milkmaid who receives milk from the farm
-chicken, geese, ducks, rabbits, guinea
-selling eggs at a neighbor
-feeding hens
-cows that are fed in the barn
-Making, in the stable
-pasture near the farm
-grass-fed cows
-manure, liquid manure
-fertilizers, sprays, fuel
-lime loaded turem
-buying bales in the barn
-super silo
-hinged door on the
-bought box
-6 Fields and meadow
-mud on the road
-Manure v2, v2 liquid manure, lime v2
-cellar in which pour beets and potatoes
-mod night
-other scripts that urealniajÄ… gre

Thanks a lot for Dalcio for help with your map and for Seba2123 for making great photo.


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