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Deere Strait Pipe Sounds v1.0
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Deere Strait Pipe Sounds v1.0

i made some strait pipe sounds for the john deere 6000 (10/20/30 series)
put them in your tractor mod and enjoy them.
maby you have to mess around with the pitch and volumes in your tractor's XML file
for me this is almost right for the john deere 6810 mod

<motorStartSound file="sound/jd_straitpipe_start.wav" pitchOffset="1" volume="0.8" />
<motorSound file="sound/jd_straitpipe_idle.wav" pitchOffset="1" pitchScale="0.02" pitchMax="1.8" volume="0.6" radius="30" innerRadius="20" />
<motorSoundRun file="sound/jd_openpijp_run.wav" pitchOffset="0.5" pitchScale="0.03" pitchMax="1.7" volume="2.5" />
<motorStopSound file="sound/outdoor_out.ogg" pitchOffset="1" volume="1" />


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