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Deutz d25 v1.0 Beta
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Deutz d25 v1.0 Beta

Hi there
I have a confession to make
the d25 is my little problem child ...
he makes his problems (unfortunately) I have not gotten into the handle / get
his error:

-It brakes 6 kmh in curves from
-He jumps sher strongly on board stones or hangs
-When one is running from the side he is flying away a few meters
(Only from the right side)

I hope you will forgive me this error :/
I sit for few hours here and book now've ka how to solve the ...
collies etc moved has nothing really works
and was an error corrected, he came back ...

well cutter bar ausbelndbar on key 7
lattice wheels and holders as in the other two ...

evt I can have jmd nen tip give as I fix ...
release I got


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