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Deutz D30 Fl v1.0
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Deutz D30 Fl v1.0

Hello: D
it's me again
this takes the other mods and remodels xD
fun at page ...
Here's a nice little deutz D30 with a / collapsible fl
I got a tip and should rename the file ... so ubp ...

what's changed?
-ein/ausblendbarer fl
-ein/ausblendbarer roll bar
Lattice wheels
Holder to the rim
-Other coats
Change-smaller textures

I know that the tires a little bit going into the ground ... is because the gowns which are higher than the old ...
I could avoid this ... but there would have had to wheel smaller and would look not so good
And sometimes the way: if you do not go on fällts and aufem field makes it look not bad ;)

The release I got from ansomale!
Before me jmd as modklauer or so accuses ...
I hope he is happy with my conversion even if he is possibly not as great as the d40

A schaufelset is

is the error-net why everything displayed in the hud I've still not found ... sorry :/

fl: num.9
Roll bar: num.5
Cage wheels: num.6
Holder: num.7

I try (or have managed ka: D for me, everything went ...) to keep the same key assignments ...

then a lot of fun with it
hope you like it ;)


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