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Deutz Fahr 5485 HT v1.0
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Deutz Fahr 5485 HT v1.0

After I have written some small farmers that they find my 5465 well, but he actually but could use a little more grain tank, I did not want to put up the volume, but have tried to be realistic variant:
The HT 5485, the largest Drescher in the 54 series, identical to the 5465 H, only with 175HP / 128kW (ie 25hp more) and 5200L grain tank (1000l more).

It has the same features as the 5465H installed:
- Chopper (press M)
- Tire dust
- Nicer steering wheel
- Adapted car position
- New particle systems for harvesters and grain elevator

- Brightened cabin and nachkonturiert (for lack of separate inner texture hardly possible)
- Comes in a pack with cutting-loading animation (cutting width by 40cm wider than the original of Giants, as the original Drescher was available to 4,80m)

A modest but solid machine without a lot of antics at the not much will happen, because it is beyond my abilities and so it is sufficient to me like he is.

Giants (Fahrzeug) Templaer, Leitner (Scripte), Ersteller der Partikelsysteme (unbekannt)

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