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Deutz Fahr 6060 HTS v1.0
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Deutz Fahr 6060 HTS v1.0

The HTS 6060 is the smaller brother of the 6095 HTS from the 60 series, ie identical apart from performance. He has 250 hp / 183kW and a grain tank capacity of 8500l (here has Giants poorly researched, because the original 6095 has real even 9500L).
I was on my medium-sized farm the original cutting just too big, so I have the kleinerern Drescher equipped with a 6m-cutting with feed Animation (unzip and combine harvesters and cutting separately in the modfolder).

The machine is roughly equivalent to my 6095HTS:
- Chopper (press M)
- Tire dust
- Replaced steering wheel
- Pimped car (for lack of a separate interior texture only possible)
- Adjusted sound slightly

- Interior nachkonturiert something
- Included cutting (6m) (rebuilt because my original reel to "massive" appears) and provided with feed Animation
- Shortened grain elevator (like the original), because this machine is not supplied with larger cutting decks

Who be cutting like with yellow drive shafts (like the pictures) would have to change the texture.
The mod may not be offered on another site to download!

Giants (Originalfahrzeug), Templaer, Leitner (Scripte), Ersteller der Partikelsysteme (unbekannt).

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